I am facilitator, community builder and activist committed to fostering regenerative cultures through collaboration, care and play. In my work I am exploring the intersections of collective trauma, somatics, creativity and social change.

Relearning how to human

Through my activist work and work with various networks I’ve come to the understanding that we (as in most members of Western societies) need to relearn how to human. How to inhabit our bodies and access their wisdom, how to grief and feel our emotions, how to take care of ourselves and each other, how to rest and step out of constant productivity, how to celebrate life and tap into joy, reimagine the future, trust each other and ourselves, work with our shadows, reclaim our pleasure, unlearn toxic patterns, take back responsibility. We are all we need. We need to wake up and stop exploiting each other and our planet. We need to learn how to be active without burning out, to look without despairing and to fall in love with life over again to protect it. I am committed for all my work to contribute to that.

My journey

I grew up reading, drawing and writing questionable poetry next to lake Constance in Vorarlberg, Austria and moved to Vienna for my studies of Theater, Film and Media Science (MA) and Anthropology (BA). In early 2016 I went to Rwanda and what was planned to be a visit quickly turned into a move. I ended up staying for a year and a half and opening an event & communications business. After coming back, I started a phase of nomading, deepening my experience with different communities. Here you can find some organisations and communities I worked with during the years. The devastating IPCC report of October 2018 triggered an intense period of activism and engagement with the climate and ecological crisis and forever changed the focus of my work.

Currently I am most curious about the intersections of somatics, collective trauma, ritual and play. I am interested in the often messy, slow, discomfort of unlearning, slowing down, understanding nervous systems, doing inner work, prioritising pleasure, making art, dreaming, collaborating, listening, grief, transformative justice and anti-oppression work.

Learn more about my work in the areas of Communities & Regenerative Cultures, Gatherings and workshops or Communications & Design.