Theresa Fend

To create futures worth living, we need to relearn how to human.

I am facilitator, community builder and climate activist committed to fostering regenerative cultures through collaboration, care and play. In my work I am exploring the intersections of collective trauma, somatics, creativity and social change.

My Work

Gatherings & Workshops

I design & facilitate brave spaces that bring together people online and offline to create strong relationships, share from the heart and learn together.

Regenerative Cultures

I help to build communities and create cultures of collaboration, care and play, where grief has its space, conflict can be seen as an opportunity for growth and we are committed to heal internalised patterns of oppression.

Communication & Design

I find ways to make the complex accessible, share ideas, help information to flow and make things beautiful.

As we are three now, my partner and me are hosting workshops, combining our experience and bring our little one along.