Communications & Design

I enjoy designing communication strategies and elements as an extension of the project and love to go about it in a collaborative way, with other members of the team, the community or the wider ecosystem. I’ve supported Heartpolitics with communications around Reworlding, Ouishare with Global Communications and Community Management or Ubumuntu Arts Festival as Communications Manager. 


I like finding ways to express the complex that make it accessible, wether in word or with images. I have created content for the Ouishare Magazine, The Boundless Roots Medium page or Social Media (ie. for re:publica Accra).


There is something about organising information and making it beautiful that gives me a thrill. I know the basics of graphic design and video editing and while I don’t have the range of a professional designer it often goes a long way. For the Sunrise Assembly of Grassroots to Global or EPRN Rwanda I did some web & graphic design and video editing, along with my other work.

Internal Communication & Open Sourcing

I enjoy designing processes that support the open sourcing or internal information flow in a way that allows people to learn from each other and build upon each other’s knowledge, creating a culture of living documentation that can grow with the organisation. I’ve created an open resource library for XR Global’s Regen team and written numerous manuals and How-Tos for the teams I was part of.

One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.

Jack Kerouac