I am a bit of an allrounder. Within my fields of expertise I end up taking a wide range of roles and tasks. I adapt quickly to new constellations, see where something is missing and learn what I don’t know yet. I place high value on the human side and our interconnections with the world at large. I thrive when there’s a mix of work in groups, small teams and tasks I can take away to work on in my own time.

My academic background is in Theatre, Film and Media Science (MA) and anthropology (BA). I am trained in Participatory Leadership & Facilitation (Art of Hosting), speak German & English fluently as well as Spanish & French on an intermediate level.


I am used to working in small, de-central, self-managed teams where we bring a high level of responsibility, collaborative attitude and care.


The fields in which I am working are constantly changing. I approach that flow with creativity, solution-orientation and curiosity. I keep the balance between creativity and structure.

(More-than) Human.

I enjoy working with somatic practices and games that help us ground and explore our experiences, remember and center our connections to life and tap into our playfulness.